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Petrina Togi Sa'ena



Petrina has been involved in the New Zealand music industry for over 20 years managing the Member Services for APRA NZ. APRA is a non-profit organisation that administers the rights of the world’s composers, songwriters and music publishers in New Zealand and Australia. She is also responsible APRA’s Music Grants Programme, Professional Development Awards and it's Ambassador Programmes.

Pacific Music Awards

A Trustee of the Pacific Music Awards Trust and the Event Director for the Pacific Music Awards, which celebrates the music and artists from the Pacific. Petrina was also a key team member for the ‘I Love the Islands’ concerts in October 2009, which were held to raise funds for Samoa following the tsunami on 29 September 2009. The concert had 25 artists performing with 10,000 in attendance at Auckland's Vector Arena.  They then worked with local teams to host concerts in Christchurch, Dunedin, New Plymouth, Wellington and Samoa. The outcome from the 5 New Zealand concerts was that $361,000 was raised, to assist Samoa in its recovery.


NZ Music Commission

Petrina worked at the NZ Music Commission, when this was established in 2000, providing administrative support and assistance to the General Managers and the Board. This involved being part of archiving Pacific music, seminars and workshops throughout the country, a music hand book for Pacific artists, a promotional CD ‘Pacific Niu Sila’ of Pacific music, and the educational resource of NZ music ‘Sweet’, which was provided to primary and secondary schools.

Te Awanui Reeder (AWA)

Music Industry

One of New Zealand’s most accomplished singer/songwriters who's musical prowess has contributed to 13 top ten singles, 2 x gold and 2 x platinum selling albums and he is also the only one of two artists to win both the APRA silver scroll and APRA Maioha silver scroll award. Furthermore, AWA has won 3 x Maori music awards for Best Maori Album, Best Maori Songwriter, Best Song and Best Maori male artist.


Qualified and proven

AWA holds a Masters of Business in Management from the Auckland Univeristy of Technology and has a number of businesses that include Property Investment, Music Consultancy and a record label (AWA Music Limited) with Warner Music (NZ) and JVC (Japan).